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born in a time when metal work was unheard of, this man was stronger and faster than any other at the time. the area is ancient Prussia, unrecognizable today. a wilderness vast and expansive. his tribe worshiped a demon of great power, almost equal to nagaetros, this demon made a deal with the man. the deal was "you will live until i desire so, then you will have to fight for your soul. every person you kill will add to the challenge for your soul. you win, you pass on. you lose, your soul will be mine"

when he returned to his village everyone shunned him, even his wife. the next thousand years brought him to Egypt, where he worked as a guard. rumor had it he was a son of Osiris. this man was out of place, being 7ft tall heavily muscled and with pale skin and long strait black hair. at the fall of Egypt he was taken to Babylon. from Babylon he was sold as a slave to greece. earning his freedom he then traveled to what is now Romania.

the year was 343 BC, he traveled back to Egypt to find it under Persian control. he skulked in the shadows until 332 BC when he joined Alexander the greats army. the man accompanied Alexander the great to an oracle of amen re, where the oracle proclaimed Alexander the son of the god amen re. the man traveled the continent of Africa until the 1st century. when he returned to Romania.

the next few hundred years were spent in the shadows, he learned Greek wrestling, the way of the Turkish sword, even meeting Genghis khan. this man worked as a mercenary until 1463 when he met and befriended a man named Vlad tepes Dracula II. as the years went by Vlad became more bloodthirsty and violent. the man left to search for a deeper meaning to life.

a deeper meaning he didn't find but he found peace in the far east. he learned the sword , and patience. on his travel back to europe he found love in India. to the mans dismay, he has no memory of even her face, nor the children he bore and buried. after he saw his grandchildren grow into their teens he left to Europe.

after a few hundred years world war 1 started. as he arrived in England he realized he needed a name, the name frank stuck in his mind. he avoided the war entirely and traveled to Canada. there he waited in Toronto until two years he slept, almost like hibernation, until a child found him. this child was named Richard Micheals. the child was an orphan and needed some one to look after him, frank decided to help him. he raised the child until around 1939 when they both joined the US military. there frank was subjected to a super soldier program. in this program they implanted electrodes under his skin allowing him to absorb and control electricity.

the next day he was intoduced to other super humans. shifter : a spy who could separate his consciousness into an ethereal  specter while his body stays. tech: an alien scientist whose techno-organic origins allow him great strength and durability. G.E.M. and Avian: twin children that are half animal, G.E.M. being half fruit bat, avian being peregrine falcon. the year was 1943.

the rest is spoilers.
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November 7, 2012


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